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Issues: Volume 1: December 1997; Axalp und Giessbachtal
Volume 2: February 1999; Sägistal
Volume 3: February 2000; Sägistal
Volume 4: October 2004; Kosovo
Volume 5: December 2007; Akkordloch und Känzelischacht
Planning: Volume 5: Akkordloch (2007!)
Volume 6: Botchen und Sägistal
Volume x: Schrattenflue
Editions: Volume 1 til 3: 120 ex.
Volume 4 and 5: 150 ex.
Publisher: ISAAK-Selbstverlag, Lothar Huber, Tulpenweg 1, D-76669 Bad Schönborn-Langenbrücken
Editorial board: Norbert Marwan, Amtsstraße 18a, D-14469 Potsdam
Ads: ads price sheet 2/2000, do not hesitate to ask the editorial staff.
Publications exchange: At the moment we exchange our publication with eight speleological journals. ISAAK staff can use this publications inventory (Lothar). If you are interested in a new publications exchange please ask the Coordination board.
current distribution list
Print:Albatros Dresden, Lingnerallee 3, D-01069 Dresden
Prices:Volumes 1 and 2: EUR 3,50 (CHF 6,50)
Volume 3: EUR 5,00 (CHF 8,50)
Volume 4 and 5: EUR 6,00 (CHF 10,00)
Shipping costs: EUR 1,00 (Germany), EUR 5,00 (Europe)
Description: The ISAAK publishes its speleological research results in the journal BODENLOS. The main focus of this publication is the documentation of the ISAAK's work and the karst objects in the alpine karst.
Guide for Authors: Send the article in plain ASCII text; the handling of MSWord documents is rather difficult, therefore, please avoid to send MSWord documents. Text formatting can be applied by using tags (e.g. HTML or LaTeX). Cave maps should supplied digital. Photographs have to be better than 300dpi (10x15cm) and drawings should be submitted as vector graphics or bitmaps with resolution better than 600dpi (source file is preferred).

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