Internationale Speläologische Arbeitsgruppe Alpiner Karst


In: Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte, 25, SCB, Berlin, 60 pages (2008)

The Karst of the Bol'shoj Tkhach (NW Caucasus, Russia)

N. Marwan, O. Y. Krickaya, A. A. Ostapenko

The Bol'shoj Tkhach massif in the NW Caucasus is a small but beautiful karst area of sub-alpine/ alpine characteristic. It comprises several, rather different caves. Visitable caves are mostly fossil, with large calcite crystals (decimetres range) or thick layers of moonmilk. Moreover, some vertical caves and siphons await future exploration and promise much unexplored continuation. Cave exploration in this area was done mainly by local speleologists. Additional research was done by various external speleologists and international expeditions. This report summarises the current knowledge about the karst area of the Bol'shoj Tkhach based on the work done so far by the several data sources available.